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Be a simple loser (winner).

Warning: you may consider this post to be sprinkled with conceit.

Do you ever feel like you're all too often wondering how such "average" people become so "successful" in life? (You understand why I have to put those in quotes).

It's midnight. I just left the gym, driving through the trees of luxury high-rise condos of Westwood Wilshire Blvd., past BMW, after Benz, after Tesla. Having worked as a valet at the W Hollywood, I remember taking note of the people that hopped out of these cars. I would purposefully make conversation, just to get a feel for what's going on in their lives. What makes them tick? What motivates them? Are they sharp? Are they lucky? What industry are they in?

I'd continuously look for clues that would lead me to some massive educational foundation, or wisdom. Or maybe they were terrific with people and finessed their way through a corporate ladder. Are they funny? Are they gorgeous inside? Over time, I came to this conclusion: that they simply stuck to a plan or system, and over time, they had no choice but to reap the benefits of that plan. Either that, or they had a support system around them that wouldn't allow them to fail, i.e. inheritance, the family business, etc.

Wait. But, what the hell?!? These are freaking average simpleton people!!

I'm freaking brilliant.

So here's what I'm getting at:

One of my acting coaches, Amy Lyndon (she's fantastic), always tells me,

"Bobbie, just do what's on the page"!!

I remember she told me once,

"You're going to have a tough time booking co-stars, because you're just too damn interesting"!

I think I heard her say that to someone else before too, but I won't let it destroy my damn compliment. So here I was taking a 4-line script, and trying to "make it my own", or "stand out", when the guy next to me (that books the job), couldn't produce a teaspoon of flair if he tried, but simply does what's in front of him. What I'm trying to say is - and I know this resonates for a lot of people - there are those of us that have discovered within ourselves a plethora of God-given gifts and skills, and we want to do EVERYTHING with them. And then there are those that just do what they're told by someone who's done it successfully already. That ho hum simple girl might not think for herself, but she's gonna find success because she doesn't have the confidence to stretch her bounds, while the triple threat is stocking up on 4 for $1.00 ramen (shrimp preferably) for the week because she's too torn on which skill to fine tune.

I'm not saying all wealthy people are simple or not unique. That would not only be shortsighted, but an assumption probably laced with jealousy. What I AM saying is that it's important to hone your gifts, and that talent can only take one so far. Hmm, cool this is my five hundredth word.

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